Artist: Barkley Hicks

Barkley L. Hendricks was a contemporary American painter who made pioneering contributions to black portraiture and conceptualism. His work reminds me of hyper realism, the effect that he used really makes his subject stand out. Unfortunately I came across his work due to his recent passing.  I could look at his work all day, so vivid and rich.  Check out more here.

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Barkley Hendricks 

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Artist: Jamea Richmond-Edwards

Jamea Richmond-Edwards is a mixed media artist. She combines childhood memories and bold, ornate patterns, and textured to craft complex depictions of women. I love her approach although her use of color may not be as vivid. She is able stir deep emotions with her style art. Check out more here.


Jamea Richmond-Edwards 

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Artist: Sue Tsai

Sue Tsai is a 29 year old artist and designer born and raised in New York with a lifelong dedication to the visual arts.  As an artist Sue works with acrylic on canvas as well as mixed media sculpture. Her inspiration is creating contemporary art. I first came across Sue Tsai when her work was used as the art work for rapper Wale’s “Bad” single.  I loved it immediately I though it was cute quirky, and I loved her bold use of color.  Check out more of her work here

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Sue Tsai 

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Amethyst - Rolled Canvas Print

Rib Cage - Rolled Canvas Print

Emotional Rollercoaster - Rolled Canvas Print

Rooted in Love - Rolled Canvas Print


Artist: Jack Storms

While researching Dale Chihuly, I came across this amazon artist, Jack Storm. Jack Storms is an American glass sculptor and entrepreneur. He is known as “one of just three standout cold glass craftsmen” in the United States. He uses a cold glass sculpting process. His work is absolutely breath taking I would love to own a piece. Maybe one day. LOL


Jack Storms 



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Artist: Alim Smith

Alim Smith is a Delaware born interdisciplinary artist I came across his work on Instagram he uses a lot of pop culture references and popular memes in his artwork. His paintings remind a bit of Picasso with the geometric shapes and oversized features. I love his vivd use of color and his take on popular memes. Check out more here


Michael Jordan

“Think About It”

 Nick Young

Artist: Alex Arzu

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Alex Arzu

Alex Arzu is a painter, muralist, and tattoo artist based in Houston, Texas.  I found his work on Instagram and immediately fell in love. His vivid use of color and concepts are fresh and new.  I truly love all his composition even his tattoos, which are so life like. I love the way he brings his art to life!. See more below


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Artist: Jacqui Fink


Jacqui Fink 

Jacqui Fink is a fiber artist based in Sydney Australia who works predominantly with high grade and naturally colored merino wool from Australia and New Zealand. She calls her technique “extreme knitting” which I think is appropriate. I came across her work on Instagram and was immediately drawn to the size of the tools used to achieve the finished product.  It is honestly breathtaking.  Due to their immense size, Fink has all of her tools custom made. Check out her work below

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Artist: Okuda San Miguel

Okuda San Miguel is a multidisciplinary artist based in Spain. He specializes in painting on canvas but he is also a muralist and a sculptor.  I came across his work through a friend I was immediately captivated with his use of color in his cubist pieces.  His approach is very different and incorporates gradients of varying colors.Check out some of his work below. Click here for more.